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The services offered by the real estate agencies are in evolution and getting wider. Now the Real Estate Sartoni offers you in Versilia the service of Property Finder, a professional agent of the real estate sector  that is becoming more popular in Italy after being consolidated in the anglo-saxon countries.

Property Finder could be translated as properties seeker or hunter, and it also known as Home Hunter, Flat Hunter, Home Seeker, Property Hunter.

The Property Finder is a trustable personal consultant that searches houses to buy or rent and works exclusively for each customer.

The Finder must initially meet the Client to discover his needs and wishes, then it will be his priority to seek  the best solution in your area of interest, going through all the opportunities that the market offers.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the real estate market in Versilia we can help you finding the best solution suitable for you, and it will be our duty to check the urbanistic, administrative and cadastral state of each property in order to proceed with the negotiation.

If you are searching for a property, a villa rather than a flat in Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Pietrasanta or Camaiore but you don’t have time and you don’t feel like going through hundreds of estate agencies, magazines, web sites, then you must address to an exclusive agent who will take care of all this duties and will visit and survey all the potential properties in your interested area. If you need to know more about the Property Finder duties please don’t hesitate to take an appointment at our offices.

Our task will be very short, around 30/60 days and our fee is 500,00 € + iva as a flat refund. This costs will be deducted from the agency’s fees in case of purchase.

The property Finder doesn’t only seek in the local estate market but, thanks to his deep knowledge and collaboration politics, will also go thorugh real estate auctions. Now the Property Finder is a reality consolidated also in Versilia that you can relate to if you are searching for a property in Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta, Viareggio or Camaiore.

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